Some comments from our home winemakers on their progress
November 2010
"The Syrah is exceptional!!  It's some of the most beautiful fruit for sure.  I saw very little raisin and believe that the sugar levels were perfect. "

"2 carboys are fermented dry- 1 is still working slowly-it is very red, yet drinks light-"

"How best to describe this: it has some sour - astringent taste almost like lemon juice. It has fruity taste, but little nose."

"The 2010 is coming along great. The grapes were wonderful. The brix was a little lower than 09 and I came up with 24.5 this year last year was 27.....I think this years vintage is looking to be right on target."

"I pressed it and it looks great. The color is good, no off aromas during fermentation. Last year I had to add some yeast nutrient. Added malolactic starter at end of fermentation, acid and ph seem fine."

"I'm done with the processing. Cold soak done for a couple of days - color is wonderful. Fermentation went through with quite some heating and yeast feeding, fermentation stopped at -0.8 BRIX. Malolactic started at the end of fermentation....."

"I pressed last Sunday a racked and started ML yesterday.  Looks promising at this point.  I'll soon be adding oak cubes and look forward to some good wine......"

".... tasted it a few days ago and think it is pretty good.  It just needs to sit awhile now and clear up before bottling....."

"It was a very slow ferment due to the cold temperatures. It did finally get to about 80 degrees. The color is very dark and looks good. "